‘The Heart of Christmas’  Musical is the story of a story. Annie is a little girl who escapes the war in Europe, to find a new home in America. She has never heard about Christmas. Can you imagine never hearing about Christmas? Annie’s new Grandma reads to her ‘The Heart of Christmas’, a family favourite, passed down from generation to generation.

Annie hears about Zargon, a kind and noble prince who lived, many years ago, in the ancient land of Persia. One night, under a cloudless sky filed with stars, Zargon sees an ancient prophecy taking shape; A Sign that the Greatest King in all the Universe would be born, during his lifetime. Zargon knew that he had to meet this King and bring Him Gifts.

Annie discovers the true meaning of Christmas and, as she grows up, decides to read the story to her children, and her children’s children. This magical, Christmas musical is a joy for all ages. Travel through time from war-torn Europe, to America in the 40’s, 60’s, 80’s and today, enjoying the music and traditions of an American Family Christmas and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

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